Smart Investments

The Valley Community Foundation works collaboratively with community leaders, donors, nonprofit partners and Valley residents to focus on the changing needs and opportunities in our region.

Below are stories about people's collaborative efforts to make the Valley a better place to live, work and play. 

Smart Investment: Using Local Data to Create Impact

Sep 21, 2017
Since the release of the 2016 Valley Community Index a year ago, Valley organizations are using its data to stay informed about the region's overall wellbeing. Read More »

Smart Investment: Food Security in the Valley

Jun 20, 2017
Nonprofits, corporations and individuals tackle food insecurity in the Valley. Read More »

Smart Investment: Social (Media in) Philanthropy

Mar 31, 2017
With the growing popularity of social media, learn how different nonprofits are using the various platforms to expand their reach digitally. Read More »

Smart Investment: Local Journalism

Dec 20, 2016
Explore one of the most widely used ways that people are connecting and staying informed in the Valley: hyperlocal online journalism. Read More »

Smart Investment: Conservation Efforts in the Valley

Jul 20, 2016
Remediation, reclamation, and redevelopment could be considered the 3Rs of economic expansion in the Valley Read More »

Smart Investment: Valley Workforce Training

Mar 15, 2016
In many cases, developing a competent and ready workforce takes a holistic approach Read More »

Smart Investment: The Importance of Valley Libraries

Jan 15, 2016
From special events and programs year-round to free Wi-Fi and digital technology resources, libraries in our region are about much more than books. Read More »

Smart Investment: Performing Arts in the Valley

Nov 15, 2015
The performing arts have a vital impact on the quality of life in our Valley community. Read More »

Smart Investment: Youth Leadership Development

Sep 01, 2015
Learn about the Valley organizations committed to grooming the next generation to be good leaders in business, government, education and our community. Read More »

Smart Investment: Collecting Community Knowledge

Jun 04, 2015
Ongoing data collection about quality of life issues will culminate in the Valley Community Index in 2016 , the most comprehensive wellbeing study yet to be published for the Valley Read More »

Smart Investment: Preserving Our Natural Resources

Mar 04, 2015
The Valley is filled with numerous conservation areas that provide opportunities for recreation and create a positive impact on our community. Read More »

Smart Investment: Economic Development

Jan 04, 2015
Local businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations are keeping the economic development of the Naugatuck Valley moving forward. Read More »

Smart Investment: A History of Giving Back to the Valley

Nov 01, 2014
Join us in drawing strength from a spirit of generosity and civic mindedness that has been part of the Valley’s identity for generations. Read More »

Smart Investment: Preventative Healthcare

Sep 04, 2014
Valley residents are making informed decisions that help prevent long-term health conditions, thanks in part to educational campaigns by local health organizations. Read More »

Smart Investment: Access to Food

Jul 01, 2014
Businesses, individuals, and social service providers throughout the Valley ensure that no community members go hungry. Read More »

Smart Investment: Disaster Response

Jun 04, 2014
Valley donors are investing time and funding in disaster preparation Read More »

Smart Investment: Housing the Homeless

Jan 15, 2014
With the help from donors, VCF grants support resident services at Spooner House. A VCF grant also helped Spooner House move in 2008 into a bigger and better building to serve more clients. Read More »

Smart Investment: Senior Programs

Nov 15, 2013
The Valley offers multiple support programs for older residents. Read More »

Smart Investment: Early Education

Jun 01, 2013
In many Valley towns and across the state there aren’t enough preschool programs. When they are available, they are prohibitively expensive. Read More »


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