Commingled Fund Sub-Advisors

The sub-advisors are retained to perform specific asset class services in accordance with The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Inc.'si (The Corporation) long-term asset allocation model for the Commingled Fundii. The Corporation includes the endowment of the Valley Community Foundation in accordance with an Affiliation Agreement between the Valley Community Foundation and The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

Asset Class Manager Strategy / Style
Global Equity Adage Capital Partners (2006) Large Cap
Global Equity Ashe (2014) All-Cap
Global Equity  Health Care Investment Fund (2012) All-Cap
Global Equity Barker LP (2016) All-Cap
Global Equity SQN Investors (2017) Small/Mid-Cap
Global Equity Acacia (2015) All-Cap 
Global Equity Artisan (2012) Large Cap 
Global Equity Cevian Partners (2011) Large/Mid-Cap 
Global Equity Effisimo (2015) All-Cap
Global Equity Highclere (2014) Emerging Markets 
Global Equity  Tybourne Capital (2016)  All-Cap 
Global Equity Westwood (2015) Emerging Markets 
Bonds Colchester Global (2008) Global Sovereign 
Bonds Mondrian Partners (2010) Emerging Markets 
Bonds I R & M (2010) TIPS
Bonds Vanguard (2010) Treasuries
Hedged Canyon Value, Ltd. (2013) Credit
Hedged Hengistbury Investment Partners (2017)  Equity
Hedged  Half-Sky (2017) Equity 
Hedged Bayberry Capital Parners (2019) Equity
Hedged Kontiki Capital Management (2018) Equity
Hedged  Nitorum Capital (2016)  Equity 
Hedged Permian Capital (2015) Equity
Hedged Soapstone Capital (2018) Equity
Private Assets 5AM (2018) Private Equity-Venture Capital
Private Assets Denham (2012) Commodities
Private Assets GEM Realty Capital (2013) Real Estate 
Private Assets Eightfold Capital (2016) Real Estate
Private Assets Healthy Ventures (2017) Private Equity - Healthcare 
Private Assets Juniper Capital (2016)  Private Equity - Energy
Private Assets LBA Realty (2009) Real Estate 
Private Assets Merit Energy (2011) Private Equity - Energy
Private Assets Altas Partners (2019) Private Equity
Private Assets Base 10 Ventures (2019) Private Equity - Venture Capital
Private Assets Brookdale Investors (2019) Real Estate
Private Assets Lakestar (2019) Private Equity - Venture Capital
Private Assets Metropolitan (2005) Real Estate 
Private Assets Patron Capital Partners (2015) Real Estate 
Private Assets Permit (2013) Private Equity - Credit
Private Assets Precursor Ventures (2018) Private Equity – Technology
Private Assets Raven Capital Management (2015) Private Equity - Credit
Private Assets Resource Land Holdings (2015) Private Equity - Natural Resources
Private Assets Shorenstein Fund Nine (2008) Real Estate 
Private Assets TIFF Partners (1999) Private Equity - Diversified
Private Assets Varde (2008) Private Equity - Credit
Private Assets Warburg Pincus (2014) Private Equity - Energy


i A Connecticut registered investment adviser.

ii Approved by The Community Foundation's Investment Committee.

iii As of 6 September 2018.

Where EM = emerging manager. Reduced allocation-weighting within Commingled Fund.

Asset Allocation Policy

The Corporation'sa long-term asset allocation modelfor The Perpetual Fund is as follows:

Asset Class2  Target3   Operating Range            Market Benchmark4 



 35% - 60%

 MSCI All Country Word Index
 Total Equities  47.5%  35%-65%  

 Hedge Funds


 15% - 35%

 HFRI Fund of Funds Index

Private Assets


 0% - 15%

 CPI + 5%
 Total Alternatives 32.5% 15%-50% 
 Global Sovereign  5.0%  2% - 8%  CitiGroup World Government Bonds
 Intermediate T.I.P.S.  5.0% 2%-8%  Barclays US TIPS 1-10 years
 Emerging Markets 5.0% 2%-8%  JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified
 US Treasuries 5.0% 2%-8%  Barclays Long Treasury
 Total Bonds 20.0% 15%-25%  
Total Allocation   100%    

a The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, Inc. is a Connecticut Registered Investment Adviser
1 Approved unanimously by the Investment Committee of The Community Foundation's Corporation as of 7, October 2019.

2 Certified to be a true copy of the actions approved by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's Investment Committee and has not been amended, altered, and remains in effect.
3 Target weightings to be used to assess investment performance for Relative Benchmark, effective 1 April 2018.
4 Market benchmarks to be used to compute investment performance for the Relative Benchmark, effective 1 April 2018.





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