Shining A Spotlight on the Valley Region: Exec Summary of 2016 Valley Community Index

Informed decision making has significant impact on a community’s well-being. Knowing where needs and opportunities exist and having data to support plans for change is essential for long-term success.

Shining a Spotlight is an executive summary of the 2016 Valley Community Index: Understanding the Valley Region. It identifies areas where we as a region can “shine a light” on our accomplishments and areas of vulnerability, and encourage collaboration on strategic endeavors to enhance the quality of life in the Valley. 

Lead authors of the Index, DataHaven, provided data collected from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as information collected from Valley residents as part of the statewide 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey.

This executive summary captures the essence of the full report. Continued growth requires a collective effort of individuals, key stakeholders, community leaders, and investors to drill even deeper into the data that has been provided in order to develop strategies for long-term success.


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