Community Investment: 2018 Grant Impact

The Wilson Barn is the only structure original to the present Shelton History Center site. Believed to be built circa 1860, it now is the showcase for a permanent exhibit, “Three Centuries of Shelton—From Farming to Industry and Beyond,” that outlines the history of Shelton. It was once part of a farm owned by Wisner and Dorothy Wilson, who donated the land that has become the Shelton History Center.

VCF’s responsive grant distributions are announced each year, providing details about the receiving organization, the grant amount, and its purpose. But what happens after VCF awards a grant to a nonprofit? These grants can range from a single-year distribution to a multi-year award and can provide operating support, assistance with capacity building efforts, or a particular project. As part of VCF’s terms of grant, the receiving organization is required to report on outcomes and data showing the impact of that funding – something we would like to start sharing with you. 

With a four-year grant from VCF to provide general operating support beginning in 2013, BHcare was able to enhance its electronic healthcare records technology to streamline services, secure data, and reduce costs, all of which improved client care and increased access to services. In 2016, the organization added the Lower Naugatuck Valley Parent Child Resource Center to its service offering, making BHcare eligible for federal funding for programs that serve all ages. Phone upgrades allowed the organization to reduce capital expenses and reduced IT costs. As a result of this grant, prescriber productivity improved by more than 20% from 2016-2017 and billing has increased by $10,000 per month over previous years.

Rape Crisis Center of Milford
With a two-year general operating support grant from VCF, the Rape Crisis Center of Milford was able to train 50 new volunteers and recertify 55 to support the organization’s services and goals. Nearly 6,000 students from pre-K – 12th grade were provided with knowledge about body safety, healthy relationships, sexual abuse, harassment, and preparation for college. During the term of this grant, crisis intervention was provided to more than 1,100 victims of sexual assault and their families via a 24-hour hotline and the provision of medical, legal, police advocacy, and in-person short-term counseling. 

Shelton Historical Society
Thanks to a three-year general operating support grant from VCF in 2014, the Shelton Historical Society was able to safeguard a range of artifacts from its collection of local items while also broadening its educational programming. More than 11,000 photographs were rehoused, and due to the creation of a permanent photo studio, historical society staff now has the ability to take professional-grade photos of artifacts for documentation and sharing purposes. As a result of this funding, a formerly unused building on site was opened weekly and used as part of a pilot program. New databases were developed and volunteers were trained to enter data, record transcriptions, input documents, and provide electronic transmissions. Staff was able to update its educational programs for youth, which included writing scripts for programs designed for second graders and consulted with local school administrators regarding the State of Connecticut Social Studies Framework on how schools and students can best utilize the Shelton Historical Society.


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