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The Valley Community Foundation helps inform, inspire, and engage people like you to take a leadership role in improving the quality of life in the community. 

Here are some great examples of people who have partnered with us by establishing funds to achieve their charitable giving goals.

Featured Designated Fund Story 

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Featured Fund: Griffin Family Memorial Fund

Feb 13, 2019
The Griffin Family Memorial Fund began as a way for one family to cope with grief and is fast becoming a force for positive change in the community. Read More »

Featured Donor Advised Fund Story 

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Leah Rondon Fund

May 22, 2018
Est. 2017 by Collen and Henry Rondon. Read More »

Featured POE Fund Story 

(Permanent Organization Endowment)


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Plumb Memorial Tri-Centennial Fund

Jul 14, 2017
Est. 2016 as a permanent organization endowment fund by the members of the Plumb Memorial Library board of directors to insure an independent source of income for the library. Read More »

Featured Preference Fund Story 

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Henry Shelton Wells and Edith Birdseye Wells Family Fund

May 22, 2018
Est. 2017 by Thomas and Royal Wells on behalf of their other siblings. Read More »

Featured Scholarship Fund Story 

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Featured Fund: John A. Sabulis Memorial Scholarship

Dec 05, 2018
After a career in teaching, John P. Sabulis dedicated part of his retirement package to establish a scholarship fund in memory of his father, John A. Sabulis. Read More »

Featured Unrestricted Fund Story 

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Raymond Mackowski Fund

Dec 15, 2016
Est. 2016 by the estate of Raymond Mackowski Read More »


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