Getting Back to Work With WorkPlace Inc.

The VCF gives funds to the WorkPlace Inc. to help individuals gain independence and become self-sufficient.

Many unemployed young people need job training or certification in order to be considered for a good job, but lack the money to pay for it. The WorkPlace Inc. is offering a scholarship program for individuals who have low incomes and cannot access public training funds.

The job training completion rate is typically around 90%, and placement within 90 days is typically around 75%. Individuals receiving scholarships are enrolled in a WorkPlace program and working with an assigned program manager to ensure that appropriate support services align with training.

According to WorkPlace, there are 30,000 unemployed people throughout southwestern CT (nearly 12% of whom are from the Valley). While the demand for job training in the region is increasing, there are not enough public funds to support training for all the people who need it.

The scholarships, funded in part with a $15,000 grant from the Valley Community Foundation, are part of The WorkPlace's larger mission to help individuals gain independence from federal and state assistance and achieve long-term stability with marketable job skills.