Rev. Julian A. Taylor Scholarship Fund

Est. 2005 as a scholarship fund by Julian A. Taylor Scholarship Fund Committee for graduating students from Ansonia High School, preferably African-American.

Whether he was instigating Biblical competitions from the pulpit, encouraging his parishioners at the Macedonia Baptist Church to visit other churches to speak about what it was like to be a negro in the 1960s, or walking Valley main streets persuading merchants to hire African-Americans, the Reverend Dr. Julian A.Taylor always had his life's mission in mind: to reach young African-Americans and encourage them to pursue their education and lifelong learning.

"He pushed people to do what they thought they couldn't, but what he believed they could,"says Lily Douglas, who with Dr.Taylor's prodding, started college after age 30 and graduated shortly thereafter in 1957.

"He was very persuasive and encouraging; very much interested in education and civil rights. He influenced so many."

And that continues today thanks to the Julian A. Taylor Scholarship Fund, established in 1981 by many of his benefactors who were passionate about honoring the lifelong scholar, pastor of 42 years, community activist and civil rights leader who started an NAACP chapter in the 1940s.

The Fund is designed to recognize African-American students in grades three through 11 as J.A.T scholars. It also awards a $5,000 scholarship annually to a graduating African-American senior at Ansonia High School with the highest grade point average.

"We know that by entrusting the fund to the Foundation, Dr.Taylor's legacy will continue to motivate and aid young scholars in Ansonia, affecting our great grandchildren's generation and beyond," says Evelyn Lindsey, Chairperson of the Fund Committee.

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Rev. Julian A. Taylor Scholarship Fund