The Michael J. Regan Scholarship Fund

Est. 2021 as a scholarship fund by the family, in memory of Michael, to benefit graduating Derby High School student(s).

Michael J. Regan's legacy is a truly remarkable story of human inspiration. Michael lived a life that could only be described as nothing short of amazing. The qualities that best embody Michael are his incredible love for family, friendships to all and the hope and perseverance he demonstrated each day despite his personal challenges. You see, Michael was injured at age 11 and had to learn to live life all over again as a full functioning quadriplegic. His is the story of the "Everyman" whose personal grit, humility and relentless determination made him an example of courage to everyone he met.

Michael J. Regan
Michael J. Regan. Photo contributed by family.

Mike's devotion to Derby High School and his classmates was unmatched. As an extremely talented young athlete he was a fixture at many local sporting events. He was a sports fanatic, historian and incredible trivia buff.

Michael was a trusted friend to so many both young and old. He was compassionate and the most unselfish person you would ever meet. Always gracious with his time to listen or bestow sage advice. His mom always said Michael was an “Old Soul.”

All quite remarkable when you think about a young man who required more help than the average person yet was able to touch the lives of so many and give far more than he ever received. His stoic display of strength, no matter how rough the circumstances, made Michael an example to live by. Constantly on the go, his pursuit to live life to the fullest was an absolute inspiration to witness because it filled you with hope and the wonderful possibilities of life. It was a privilege to be around Michael and impossible to not be profoundly impacted by his energy.

Through this fund, it is the intention of Michael’s friends and family to keep his spirit and memory alive as well as inspire others with an annual scholarship award in his name to a graduating Derby High School Senior. The award, in the amount of $2,424, recognizes his Pop Warner football jersey number - 24.