The TCF Board's Investment Committee recommends all modifications to the Statement of Investment Policy, sets market-driven performance benchmarks, and monitors all practices and performance of the underlying investment.

The TCF Board of Directors annually appoints an Investment Committee consisting of at least five (5) members, not necessarily from the its own membership, which shall be responsible for complete oversight and implementation of the strategies, models and managers for the investment of the charitable assets entrusted to The Corporation. In concert with the professional staff, the Investment Committee may engage consultants as necessary or desirable to discharge its duties, and shall report such results, activities and actions to the Board of Directors, the donors and the general public via The Community Foundation’s website, at regular intervals.

Currently, the Investment Committee consists of four(4) current or former members of The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors and two (2) independent investment experts selected by the committee’s membership.

Investment Commentary: Q4 2023

With disinflationary trends seemingly taking hold, the Federal Reserve began to signal during the fourth quarter that monetary easing was probable over the course of 2024. As a result, equity markets rallied to historic highs into the year-end amidst the prospect of “easier” financial conditions. The Nasdaq and Russell 2000 led the way in the fourth quarter, finishing up 14.03% and 13.56%, respectively, while the more narrowly focused Dow finished up 13.09%. READ MORE