Communities everywhere want to improve the quality of life for their residents. We strive to make parks and schools as best as possible.

We also want to attract other families, businesses and jobs to locate here so our community can flourish.

VCF knows how vitally important it is to keep the community current on various topics that impact the Valley Region. To that end, VCF's newsletter, Legacy Matters, is distributed throughout the Valley to more than 1,500 households and businesses. Readers learn about issues such as homelessness, disaster management, food insecurity, preventive health management, and the history of Valley philanthropists.

Keeping residents informed helps to bring the Valley communities even closer and more connected together.

One of the most effective ways the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) impacts the Valley is through grant distribution to qualified organizations from unrestricted, preference or field of interest, Donor Advised, and designated funds that carry out donor charitable intentions, respond to needs, and anticipate community opportunities.

Grants from Donor Advised funds are made with the participation of the donors, after review by VCF. Grants from designated funds are made to meet the charitable interests expressed by organizations or individual donors. VCF also holds endowment funds dedicated to providing financial assistance to students for secondary, college, and graduate school education. The Valley Community Foundation also works with our partner in philanthropy, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, in making investments in this community and is building flexible funds for additional grantmaking.

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Valerie Knight-Di Gangi

Director of Programs


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