The Valley Community Foundation works collaboratively with community leaders, donors, nonprofit partners and Valley residents to focus on the changing needs and opportunities in our region.

Below are stories about people's collaborative efforts to make the Valley a better place to live, work and play.

Smart Investment Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) »


The VCF Board recently met to discuss DE&I in the Valley and what can get in the way of that.

Smart Investment: COVID-19 Response and Recovery »


As needs quickly change and the community, like the rest of the country, has found itself in the midst of a global pandemic, The Valley has come together with compassion, creativity, and conviction.

Smart Investment: Disaster Preparedness »


Disaster planning and emergency preparedness in the Valley.

Smart Investment - Census 2020 »


Complete count efforts are meant to encourage participation and demystify misconceptions. to make sure that everyone particpates.

Smart Investment: Using Data to Create Community Impact »


The 2019 Valley Community Index uses data to create community impact in the Valley Region.

Smart Investment: Community Spirit »


Explore how residents and visitors to the Valley can share experiences that strengthen the fabric of the Valley, deepen relationships and build community spirit.

Smart Investment: Addressing Youth E-cigarette and Vaping Use »


In a time where cigarette smoking has generally declined, youth are turning to alternative nicotine delivery methods and are using e-cigarettes and vaping devices more so than ever before.

Smart Investment: Civic Engagement »


Throughout the Valley, civic engagement is learned young and practiced for a lifetime.

Smart Investment: Responsive Health Measures for Children and Families »


The Naugatuck Valley Health District helping kids in the Valley breathe easier.

Smart Investment: Early Childhood Development »


Community support prepares Valley students for future success.

Smart Investment: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence »


Learn more about how local nonprofits are supporting victims of sexual violence as the "Me Too" Movement picks up steam across the nation.

Smart Investment: Addressing Chronic Absenteeism »


Learn more about the root causes of chronic absenteeism in the Valley and how it is being addressed.

Smart Investment: Using Local Data to Create Impact »


Since the release of the 2016 Valley Community Index a year ago, Valley organizations are using its data to stay informed about the region's overall wellbeing.

Smart Investment: Food Security in the Valley »


Nonprofits, corporations and individuals tackle food insecurity in the Valley.

Smart Investment: Social (Media in) Philanthropy »


With the growing popularity of social media, learn how different nonprofits are using the various platforms to expand their reach digitally.

Smart Investment: Local Journalism »


Explore one of the most widely used ways that people are connecting and staying informed in the Valley: hyperlocal online journalism.

Smart Investment: Conservation Efforts in the Valley »


Remediation, reclamation, and redevelopment could be considered the 3Rs of economic expansion in the Valley

Smart Investment: Valley Workforce Training »


In many cases, developing a competent and ready workforce takes a holistic approach

Smart Investment: The Importance of Valley Libraries »


From special events and programs year-round to free Wi-Fi and digital technology resources, libraries in our region are about much more than books.

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