The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (VCF's partner in philanthropy), like most community foundations across the nation, is increasingly seeking additional methods to invest the charitable capital entrusted to it through mechanisms and structures other than direct grants or similar distributions to nonprofit organizations.

Achieving positive social outcomes and community-level impact through the intentional use of financial assets in innovative business ventures, diverse entrepreneurs, and organizations that promote inclusive growth in our region to simultaneously achieve social and financial returns are commonly referred to as a Mission-related investing or Impact investing (together, “MRIs.”) MRIs may take the form of equity, debt, loan guarantees, or other familiar market products or instruments.

In 2017, The Community Foundation created a separate wholly owned and controlled subsidiary to focus solely and exclusively on the evaluation and execution of MRIs in the greater New Haven area, The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company (“TCF-MIC.”) TCF-MIC will perform the requisite due diligence and analyses to deploy the charitable financial assets for investments in local entities, organizations and business, through intermediaries and/or directly, such that an investment will be viewed from a return and mission-impact lens together.

For information about the MRI program, please email A.F. Drew Alden.