Organization Funds are for nonprofits that wish to have a portion of their charitable assets managed according to a long-term investment model alongside the Valley Community Foundation’s endowment, which is managed by its affiliate The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

A revocable investment management agreement is available to these 501(c)(3) organizations as part of on-going efforts to strengthen the nonprofit sector.

Organizations can have the comfort of knowing that their endowment-like assets are managed according to the highest industry standards and best practices, with extra peace of mind that The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is a registered investment adviser under the Connecticut Uniform Securities Act. As a registered investment adviser, The Community Foundation is regulated by The State of Connecticut’s Department of Banking and adheres to its compliance program.

How It Works

  • Your organization makes a revocable transfer of endowment-like assets to the Valley Community Foundation for investment management purposes;
  • Your organization has access to a world-class, commingled investment pool;
  • Your organization receives distributions from your organization fund that coincide with your needs and in the amount determined by you;
  • Your organization has access to fund information via Donor Central, including
    • Reporting of all transactions
    • Fund market valuation, and
    • Monthly independently derived investment performance results;
  • Your organization receives annual audited financial statements and monthly trial balances;
  • Your organization can participate in semi-annual investment performance meetings;

To find out more about starting an organization fund, please email A.F. Drew Alden or call him at 203-777-7061.

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A.F. Drew Alden

Sr. Vice President for Investments, CFO & Chief Compliance Officer


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