A legacy isn't only what you leave to the world. When you add a charity or charities in your estate plan, you create something powerful, a legacy that tells future generations what causes mattered to you. Your action will inspire others to follow your example and make a difference in their own way.

Many individuals find that one of the most gratifying aspects of success is the ability to provide financial support to help transform charitable goals into meaningful actions. You have the ability to change the lives of countless Valley residents and organizations without affecting your current lifestyle. You can support the projects and people of the Valley and lend a hand to those providing everything from critical care to scholarships to unique cultural events.

Planned gifts can be made during your lifetime or included as part of your estate plan, and can include a range of assets such as cash, securities or property. One of the most important facets of planning is aligning your assets with your goals and aspirations. The manner in which you structure your plan can be as simple or complex as you like. Planned gifts provide a well thought-out and holistic strategy to achieve your goals and perpetuate your values.

Your gift can be made available for current use to address the needs of today or endowed in perpetuity to meet the changing needs of tomorrow. There are countless ways for you to make a difference. Contact your professional advisor or the Valley Community Foundation to learn how you can give back to the Valley.

Review my charitable giving options

Make an outright, immediate gift

Use many types of assets, including cash, stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate or other appreciated property.

If you are planning on gifting securities, please follow these instructions.

Transfer assets from a private foundation

Establish a fund with the Valley Community Foundation in the name of your private foundation. By arranging to transfer all or part of the assets, you also transfer the burden of taxes, paperwork and other responsibilities to the Valley Community Foundation. Our staff and board can help match your fund with the most appropriate nonprofits to meet your charitable goals.

To explore these options further, please call us at 203-751-9162.

Make a gift and earn income during your lifetime

Make a significant gift while still achieving your financial goals. These types of gifts typically offer significant tax advantages.

  • A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between you and the Foundation. Your gift provides you or a loved one with a fixed annual income for life. After your death, the assets pass to the Foundation for the philanthropic purposes you have outlined.

  • A Charitable Remainder Trust can accept a variety of assets, such as real estate or appreciated securities. The trust provides you and/or other named beneficiaries with income for your lifetime or for up to 20 years. After your death, the trust goes to the Foundation as a gift for the philanthropic purposes you have outlined.

Give by will, trust or retirement assets

Set up a bequest: Some people specify a certain dollar amount, or a percentage of an entire estate. You may choose to name the Valley Community Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA. Others put family first and give whatever is left after all other gifts are distributed. Some leave an asset, like a painting, real estate or stock.

Learn more by reading Your Valley, Your Legacy.

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