Here are some great examples of people who have partnered with us by establishing funds to achieve their charitable giving goals.

Featured Designated Fund Story

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Peter Stamos Fund for the Ansonia Public Library »


Est. 2020 as a designated fund by Peter Stamos, Gregory J. Stamos, Lisa Heerdt, Paris Heath, and Paul Stamos to benefit the Ansonia Public Library.

Featured Donor Advised Fund Story

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Stengel Family Fund »


Est. 2019 as a donor advised fund by Arthur and Deborah Stengel.

Featured POE Fund Story

(Permanent Organization Endowment)

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Featured Preference Fund Story

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Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt Fund for the Seymour Oxford Food Bank »


Est. 2019 by Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt

Featured Scholarship Fund Story

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John “Al” Tiano Scholarship Fund »


Est. 2016 by Linda T. Coppola.

Featured Unrestricted Fund Story

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Raymond F. Mackowski Fund »


Est. 2016 by the estate of Raymond Mackowski

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