Local Knowledge:

The Valley Community Foundation’s staff and board members have experience and insight into the strengths, needs and history of the Valley. Their expertise helps determine the areas of greatest need and where our grants can be most effective at a local level. Our grantmaking, ongoing research and extensive contacts in the community help us connect donors to organizations that match their charitable goals.

A Variety of Giving Tools:

We offer several types of funds to help your clients reach their financial and philanthropic objectives. Your clients may contribute, at any amount, to an already existing fund or open their own. All donations to the Valley Community Foundation are tax deductible.

If your client wants: Options:
their gift to be flexible enough to address current and unforeseen future needs they could establish or donate to an Unrestricted Fund.
to support a specific interest through several nonprofits over time they could establish or donate to a Preference Fund.
to support one or several specific organizations
they could establish or donate to a Designated Fund.
to be involved in choosing the nonprofits they supportthey could establish or donate to a Donor Advised Fund.
to support students through their educationthey could establish or contribute to a Scholarship Fund.
to give nowthey may wish to set up a Charitable Gift Annuity
to give laterCharitable Remainder Trusts
make a bequest
make a retirement beneficiary designation

Sound Investment Management:

Our funds are invested and managed by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (TCF), which has an investment pool of over $502 million as of December 31, 2015 and for the year-end 2015, the annualized net investment return of The Corporation was 2.6%, or 3.4% better than its market benchmark. Since 1995, the return has been 8.6% annualized net of investment management fees, surpassing both its target benchmark and the performance of comparably-sized community foundations nationwide.

Helping clients reach their philanthropic objectives is an important service you offer when designing plans for their retirement, estates and income tax affairs. We can help.

  • Meet with you and your clients to help craft a philanthropic plan.
  • Run sample gift illustrations to provide you with an accurate picture of the financial and philanthropic impact of a charitable gift.
  • Handle the administrative work surrounding charitable giving.
  • Oversee the transfer of stock and life insurance.
  • Supply draft bequest language that meets the specific needs of your clients.
  • Accept gifts of non-traditional assets including real property and closely held stock.