2019 Valley Community Index

Understanding the health, wellbeing and economic opportunity in the Valley.

Knowledge is power and the data is clear. Health and wellbeing extends beyond genetics and sources beyond one's control. Social determinants of health such as access to a range of services, transportation, employment, public safety, and more, can have a lasting impact on quality of life.

The Valley has a long history of being a close-knit, family-centered region. However, disparities among its communities present both challenges and opportunities to collectively address future health and wellness needs. The findings in the 2019 Valley Community Index provide the information to develop strategies for change.

For more than half a decade, community conversations have taken place to discuss the needs and opportunities that exist throughout the Greater Valley. This report reflects the most recent data collection effort to maintain a pulse on the region. Thanks to the work of leaders from a range of multi-disciplinary organizations, limited resources can be effectively utilized to address a range of focus areas within our community.

The 2019 Valley Community Index was created in partnership with DataHaven, and fulfills Griffin Hospital's Community Health Needs Assessment. Regional leaders from a range of multi-disciplinary organizations have come together once again to examine what has occurred in the Valley in the last three years. It reflects the most recent data collection efforts to examine the social, economic, and physical health of the Valley since the release of the 2016 Index.

The Valley Community Foundation Board of Directors recognizes the importance of building an informed community and took the lead in investing in the important initiative; other lead funders include: Bassett Family Fund, Griffin Health Services Corp., Katharine Matthies Foundation - Bank of America, N.A., Trustee. Contributing funders include Connecticut Community Foundation and Valley United Way.

Want to take action in your Valley community?
• Read the full Community Index.
• Share observations with family, friends, coworkers, community leaders, and public officials.
• Stay informed about key issues affecting our region.
• Help instill the importance of community engagement in all our citizens.
• Become an advocate for change in your local municipality.
• Participate in local and regional community conversations and forums.
• Focus your resources, time, and talents to have the greatest impact for those most in need.
• For more information, please call the Valley Community Foundation: 203-751-9162

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