VCF’s 2020 Annual Reception Goes Digital

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, VCF's 2020 Annual Reception is available digitally as a video series.

Despite the unprecedented events of this year, all of us at VCF are inspired by the actions of this incredible community and, because of your support, we are able to continue our work towards the long-term good of the Valley for generations to come.

  • Learn about the new incredible funds that joined VCF. Each fund is formally introduced with a video montage complete with voiceover.
  • Celebrate a year full of accomplishments, grantmaking, and community investments.
  • Hear some updates and brief remarks from VCF Board Members: Don Smith, Jr., Jack Walsh, Aleta Miner, and Marianne Smythe.

Click below to watch remarks from the VCF president and CEO. See the complete list and watch on YouTube.

The VCF 2019 Annual Report theme is “It takes The Valley” because it is the unique ability among those who live and work in our five-town community to come together, prioritize efforts under a common vision, and leverage our resources.