Agency on Aging Fund at VCF

Est. 2021 as an organization fund by the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut.

For years, the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut has provided help to our Valley’s older residents. Through food programs, live-at-home services, educational outreach and other life-enhancing activities, the Agency has always been there for our Valley seniors.

The Valley Community Foundation (VCF) has collaborated with the Agency on Aging for years. Most recently in April of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, VCF granted the Agency funds to provide food for homebound older adults and people with disabilities.

Now the Agency on Aging is entrusting VCF with a portion of its reserved assets to the foundation’s investment care. By doing so, it is supporting VCF. Each year, the Agency on Aging makes a positive impact in the lives of more than 15,000 area older adults, many in the Valley, said Melissa Lang, President and CEO of the Agency on Aging.

She added although they’re headquartered in North Haven, they are the Agency on Aging for the Valley.

“We’re already invested in The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, and although it’s the same investment pool, we wanted the administrative fees from the new fund to go directly to VCF,” Melissa said. “During COVID, we as an agency continued to provide direct services to our clients and we couldn’t have done that without VCF. This fund allows us to support VCF and the Valley too.”

The Agency on Aging could have invested its money with any financial business, but by choosing VCF it shows how trusted it has become as a steward in the region, said Sharon Closius, President and CEO of VCF.

“It was totally unexpected, and I appreciate their thoughtfulness,” Sharon said. “Our administrative fees go directly to support our overhead which allows us to fulfill our mission to improve the Valley.”

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Agency on Aging Fund at VCF