Alexander George Wilson, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Est. 2014 as a designated scholarship fund to benefit West Haven High School.

A rich tradition for service and community has been passed down in the Wilson family for generations and will now benefit graduating students of West Haven High School for years to come. Alexander George Wilson Sr. owned a plumbing and heating business and started as a career firefighter for the City of West Haven in the mid- 60's. He and his wife, Eileen, had five children. Two of their sons, Alexander Jr. and Gary, would also join the fire service, as would grandson, Alexander III, years later. While raising his children, firefighting and running a business, Wilson also served in the National Guard for 15 years, was a member of the Elks Club, and President of the Polish American Political Club.

After spending years growing the profitability ofthe PolishAmerican Political Club, Wilson stepped down from his role as president in 1989 due to his declining health. Rather than accepting money that was raised at an event to honor his service, he established the Alexander George Wilson Sr. Scholarship Fund, which would be awarded to a college bound male and female student from each graduating class of West Haven High School.

Generations of the extended Wilson family and their friends put in a tremendous amount of effort to plan several events in an effort to raise money during the first year the scholarship fund was created. Picnic fundraisers evolved into a dinner dance, which then led to the first annual Wilson Golf Classic in the spring of 1990. Alexander George Wilson Sr. witnessed the first scholarships awarded to two seniors of West Haven High School's class of 1990 just months before he passed away.

The scholarship fund was kept at a local credit union for more than twenty years and was not earning much interest. Annual fundraisers planned by the family replaced the amount awarded each year, but they became increasingly difficult to sustain. The Wilsons researched their options and means in which the fund could be invested and, after speaking with VCF, agreed that the Foundation was the best decision based on the consistent returns and their ability to administer the scholarship to West Haven High School.

"More than two decades after the first scholarships were awarded, we endowed the Fund at VCF so it could be professionally managed rather than keeping the money in a savings account and spending a considerable amount of time organizing fundraisers," said son, Alexander G. Wilson Jr. "While the recipients ofthis scholarship may never know what my father did for West Haven, our family is proud that his legacy will live on forever."

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Alexander George Wilson, Sr. Scholarship Fund