Amplifying Impact: Strategic Alliances in Uncertain Times

This two-part workshop will help you understand your organization’s long-term viability and prepare you for conversations with other organizations about strategic alliances and other partnerships

Presented in two sessions by Fio Partners, LLC on November 5 and 19, 2020

As the implications of the global pandemic persist and the timing of a return to “normal” continues to push out into 2021 or beyond, many nonprofit organizations across Connecticut are struggling as they continue to pivot programs and services, maintain client and volunteer engagement, and in some cases, make very difficult decisions about staffing.

Our objective for this multi-part training and learning experience is to prepare nonprofit leaders and board members to start to ask the harder questions about the future of their organization: How are we doing? What does the horizon look like? How can we amplify our impact today and in the future? Should we continue to go it alone?

Taking stock of your current situation and charting the path forward requires understanding:

  • Your financial health
  • The viability of your core programming
  • The strength of your relationships
  • What the potential options are

Due to the demand for learning yet varying levels of readiness to explore strategies, we are offering two ways to participate in this training series:

  1. Leaders who are just beginning to learn and think about strategic alliances are welcome to attend the two online workshops.
  2. Fifteen (15) organizations that are ready to begin examining their financial and programmatic viability and consider the consequent strategies (e.g., acquisition strategy, scenario planning, retrenchment strategy, strategic alliance feasibility) will be invited to participate in the Consultative Track. Staff from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven will speak with registrants to determine which organizations are ready and able to participate in the consultative track. Organizations will receive 3 hours of consultation in between the sessions. This track requires completing a series of proprietary tools that will inform the consultation.

Note on Registration: CEO/EDs in the consultative track will be asked to select the date and time for their 3-hour consultation in between Sessions 1 and 2 (week of November 9, 2020). If a board member is participating as well, they should coordinate with their CEO/ED around a mutually available time.