Ann C. Petro Scholarship Fund

Established in 2018 in memory of Ann C. Petro.

Ann C Petro
Ann C. Petro

There is a saying that a life well-lived is a life filled with love. Ann Petro's life was indeed well lived. Her family and friends, and her Valley home and gardens filled her with tremendous joy and pride. She brought passion to everything she did - as an educator, reading teacher, and eventual Principal of Sunnyside School in Shelton.

Ann's dedication to her students, parents, staff and colleagues was immediately evident to all who entered the building, and remained long after the last bus left at the end of the school year. That's why it's no surprise that her family created the Ann C. Petro Scholarship Fund to honor their mother's memory after her passing in 2018, and to recognize and reward the students of Sunnyside School.

"In 2014 when her grandson, Christopher Pawlowski received awards at the Shelton High School senior awards ceremony, mom noted that there were awards for students of other elementary schools, but none for those who had attended Sunnyside" said daughter Pam Petro. "She was troubled by this. Due to everyone's generosity and support when she passed away, our family created this fund to ensure that former Sunnyside students would be recognized both now and in perpetuity."

'Our mom's entire life was spent in the Valley and she was a proud supporter of its traditions," said daughter Melanie Petro. "She, like all of her family, lived and worked here. We never missed the Shelton Derby Memorial Day parade, the Boys & Girls Club pancake breakfast, or the Shelton/Derby football game. It was all a part of our growing up in the Valley - and all the wonderful things she passed down to us."

The Petro Family chose to work with VCF because it "keeps the Valley spirit alive by inspiring others to care about our special community," said Melanie. "When she retired, mom could have moved to other, warmer places like Florida. She chose to stay in the Valley, because to her it wasn't about the place, it was the people." Pam agreed. "The Valley is unique and special. People here truly care about their neighbors, just like our mom always did.The diverse group of funds at VCF reflects that care and concern and we are so glad to add our mom's Scholarship Fund to that list."

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Ann C. Petro Scholarship Fund