Emerging Leaders of Color: Hear From Past Program Participants

Participants share reflections on the two-year nonprofit leadership training program.

2021 Cohort members and course directors at a graduation ceremony held at ConnCAT.
Photo by Jackie Downing

The Nonprofit Management Program for Emerging Leaders of Color offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of the next generation of leadership in Greater New Haven’s nonprofit sector. The Community Foundation is pleased to offer this opportunity in partnership with the University of Connecticut to diversify the voices and perspectives of our sector.

What past participants say about the Nonprofit Management program:

Christian Aviles, Squash Haven

"The program has been a transformative experience — and an empowering one. I have had the opportunity to learn more of the ins and outs of what it takes to be a nonprofit leader in New Haven. Hearing directly from leaders in the industry about topics such as budgeting, fundraising, program evaluation, DEI, and board development has provided me with the knowledge needed to be able to contribute meaningfully to my organization. Furthermore, these year-long classes have helped me think through what effective leadership should look like, a lesson I know will be crucial as I hope to one day serve as a senior leader in the nonprofit sector. What I have also appreciated about this program is getting to work with other participants from around the city and state. Their perspectives have been invaluable and have helped me develop a greater appreciation and understanding of different nonprofit organizations in Connecticut. Being in a room with other leaders of color has allowed me to see myself as a leader, and the collaboration with my fellow participants has been among the most rewarding professional development experiences I have participated in. I am so grateful to The Community Foundation for this incredible opportunity, and to all of my fellow leaders of color out in the community, I highly encourage you to apply to this program, as it can be a transformative experience that I hope will continue to uplift the voices of leaders of color in our community. I am excited to take all that I have learned in this program to contribute to my organization, and to ultimately think through more ways in which I can continue to serve my community."

Landon Osborn, Connecting Through Literacy: Incarcerated Parents, Their Children and Caregivers

"The program was an invaluable experience. As someone with over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, the knowledge and experiences shared by facilitators and peers was phenomenal. I never imagined the amount of wisdom and motivation I’d be leaving with. I look forward to implementing the lessons and further developing the bonds that have come out of this experience. This program should be expanded throughout Connecticut and beyond. I look forward to seeing the impact this program has in the Greater New Haven area."

Nicole Sanclemente, Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund

"As a young and proud Latina in the nonprofit sector, I have found it extremely difficult to be unapologetically myself in every room I walk into, especially because many are very white-led spaces. This program has created a safe, judgement-free zone, where I can be the best version of myself around other folks who are also on similar journeys. This is a space where phenomenal humans come together to share knowledge and insight, admit mistakes and failures, and highlight milestones and breakthroughs. It has given me the strength to voice my frustrations and my aspirations. My fellow cohort peers have provided me so much guidance, support and solidarity throughout our time together and I genuinely hope the cohorts to come are also able to form incredible bonds to create dynamic and transformative change."

Photos by Dexter Atlas Photography