Beel Pesch Family Fund

Est. 2023 by Olivia Pesch and Ryan Beel.

Ryan Beel and Olivia Pesch

Olivia Pesch and Ryan Beel are both residents of the Valley. The Beel Pesch Family Fund will be used by the couple to support causes and charities they care about, and some they have yet to discover. 

“We really don’t have anything specific in mind just yet,” Olivia said. “But it’s something we can have our family and friends contribute to over time.” 

Olivia used to work at the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) when she was in graduate school. Her experience at VCF gave her firsthand knowledge of the impactful work the foundation does.  

Olivia and Ryan envision their fund as a legacy that will continue to grow and benefit the community for years to come. They see it as a way to leave a lasting impact in the Valley. 

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Beel Pesch Family Fund