Bette Mae's Memorial Fund

Est. 2023 by Beth Colette and family to benefit My Sister's Place.

Elizabeth "Bette Mae" Luedecker

Everyone who knew Elizabeth “Bette Mae” Luedecker knew she was like the Energizer Bunny -- she had such a zest for life, a love for family and friends, and a knack for collecting. 

In 2023, at the age of 97, Bette Mae passed away. She showed her deep affection for the Valley by including a provision in her estate plan that established a designated fund at the Valley Community Foundation (VCF). Bette Mae’s Memorial Fund will provide ongoing support -- in perpetuity -- to her favorite Valley nonprofit organization, BHcare’s My Sister’s Place, a thrift store, and donation center located in Ansonia which directs all proceeds to help victims of domestic violence and their children. 

“Mom always gave to, and volunteered at, many organizations during her lifetime,” said Bette Mae’s daughter, Beth Colette. “But My Sister’s Place was special to her, she donated her time, clothing, furniture and so many things over the years. I think she really loved the camaraderie with all the other volunteers and meeting people coming in to shop and hunt for a treasure.” 

Throughout her life, Bette Mae was a woman of many passions. She played golf well into her nineties, was very crafty and enjoyed knitting, crocheting, and creating wedding samplers for her children and grandchildren. She was also a globetrotter, and her adventurous spirit took her far and wide, enjoying road trips, seeing all 50 states, and traveling to Ireland and France. 

“My grandmother meant different things to different people, but she was always memorable,” said her grandson, Justin Luedecker. “They say that you die twice, once when you pass away, and then again, the last time someone says your name. This fund will ensure her memory lives on.” 

“Miss Bette was a ray of sunshine here,” said Nancy Cahoon, the manager of My Sister’s Place. “Her dedication to our cause was inspiring and her warmth and generosity were felt by everyone who crossed her path. She was not just a volunteer; she was a pillar of strength for us and her boundless energy and enthusiasm inspired all of us.” 

“We hope our mom’s fund will motivate others and remind us of the profound impact one person can have when they invest their heart, time, and resources into making the world a better place,” said Bette Mae’s daughter, Karen Pawlowski. “We miss her immensely, but this fund will make sure she’s remembered and it’s nice to know that when My Sister’s Place needs painting or new carpeting that Mom is still able to help them through the fund.” 

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Bette Mae's Memorial Fund