Carl and Patricia Miller Fund

Est. 2017 by W. Kurt Miller and Carl John Miller IV.

Carl and Patricia Miller

For some, the best gift you can give is one that keeps on giving. That is why brothers Kurt and John Miller decided to establish the Carl and Patricia Miller Fund in honor of their parents.

"We thought it would be great to give them something that would last forever and have a real impact on the Valley," Kurt explained. The fund was established in 2017, and was steadily built up every month until it became endowed at the Valley Community Foundation (VCF). What started out as a Mother's and Father's Day gift, now has the ability to give back to the community Carl and Patricia Miller love so dearly.

"Our parents led by example and perpetuated their strong values of giving back, which we still carry with us," Kurt said. "My brother and I were blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood. We want to share our resources with kids who wouldn't otherwise have the same opportunities we did growing up. That's why we will be making grant recommendations from this donor advised fund to help Valley kids participate in summer camps and a range of youth programs."

"When we decided to move forward with creating a fund, we didn't look anywhere but VCF for help," John added. "VCF President and CEO Sharon Closius made it extremely easy to get our fund up and running. She answered our questions and accommodated our busy schedules. I especially appreciated the ability to be a part of this process long distance from Boston."

Kurt and John's parents were a little taken aback by the idea of them creating a fund in their name, but in a good way according to the brothers. "They became very excited once they understood why we did it, how it works, and what we would like to accomplish," Kurt said. "We then discussed other ways to grow the fund, especially as it relates to estate planning."

"Everyone should consider creating a legacy," he added. "People often think it's an intimidating process or that you need a substantial amount of money, but that's not true. VCF made it simple for us to make small, consistent contributions to build our fund so that we can have a lasting impact on the community."

John said, "We are grateful that our parents are able to work with us to make grant recommendations and begin to see the effects of this fund, knowing that it will continue to make the Valley a better place for generations to come."

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Carl and Patricia Miller Fund