Champagne Family Fund

Est. 2015 as a donor advised fund by Derrick P. and Jennifer Luise Champagne.

The Valley is a special place. It's not just a community where people live. It has a feel to it. Everyone seems to genuinely care about each other and is involved with one another. According to Jennifer Champagne, it's something very unique.

"From an early age, I watched my parents, Nick and Ernie Luise, deeply involve our family in the Valley community," Jennifer said.

Through her parents' experience with the Derby/Shelton Rotary Club and a range of local, regional and international nonprofit organizations, community involvement has become a way of life for Jennifer. "Now, my husband, Derrick, and I want to share the same experiences and values with our daughter, Aimee."

"Everyone's needs are both important and different," Jennifer said.

For example, Aimee started giving gift cards to the homeless on the streets of New York City long before she could even drive. Her social awareness and her family's desire to make a difference led to conversations about other ways the Champagne family could create an impact here in the Valley.

"Setting up a donor advised fund at VCF allows us to address changing local needs while including Aimee in our family's rich tradition of community involvement," Jennifer said.

"Establishing a fund was a simple process and a great way to inspire future generations to care just as much as we do. It allows us to create a legacy to share with our family that will outlast all of us, address the needs of others and always keep the Valley top of mind."

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Champagne Family Fund