The Community Fund for Women & Girls Grant Opportunity

Pathways to Economic Security for Women

Funding for Greater New Haven nonprofit organizations serving women and organizations that support women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Grant Overview

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven’s Community Fund for Women & Girls is providing grants ($1,500 - $20,000) to nonprofits that provide women [1] in Greater New Haven with greater economic security through programs that support:

  • Women’s workforce training and employment participation and the necessary wraparound services
  • Women’s basic needs [2]
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Childcare and after-school supports which support women in the workforce

Grants are to provide a pool of flexible funding that organizations can use to purchase material items, cover administrative and staff costs, or provide cash assistance or grants to individuals.

Eligibility Criteria

Review the general eligibility criteria before applying for a grant.

Application Deadline: April 3, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Ana Hernandez (left) with colleague Munira Mohamed at Havenly, a Pathways to Economic Security grantee in 2022. Photo: Aziza Mohamad

Funding Priorities

Women's Economic Security

  • Financial and wrap-around supports (cash assistance, transportation, childcare, housing) that allow women to fully participate in training and work opportunities. Priority will be given to programs providing support to women who are ineligible for federal relief programs. Sample Outcomes: Increased ability to seek and maintain employment; increased ability to participate in and complete job-training programs.
  • Basic needs support that allows women and their families to manage economic challenges. Sample Outcomes: Women’s increased economic security.

Women Entrepreneurs

  • Support that helps women entrepreneurs with creating a sustainable business including direct financial assistance for operational and administrative costs, business planning and marketing guidance and other related services. Sample Outcomes: Increased financial strength for women-owned businesses, increased staff capacity, creation of employment opportunities for women.

Childcare/After-school Program Support

  • Operational Support: Funding that supports staffing, wage supplements and supports to retain staff and keep programs in operation, thereby allowing women to fully participate in training and work opportunities. Sample Outcomes: Increased staff retention; increased wages for childcare providers; continued program operations for childcare/youth programming.


  • The deadline to apply for the first round of funding is Monday, April 3, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions the week of May 15, 2023.

[1] Including those who identify as cisgender, transgender and nonbinary.

[2] Material basic needs includes shelter (rental and eviction assistance, rental down payment furniture, mattresses), food, clothing, hygiene items, non-prescription drugs and other essential health care not covered by insurance, home utilities, physical safety, transportation, communication tools and cash assistance through gift cards.

Please contact the staff below with questions or to discuss your application:

Kara Straun, Strategic Program Manager