Derby Community Endowment Fund

Est. 2012 as a permanent organization endowment fund.

How can you best celebrate a Community's present while, at the same time, also planning for its future? Why not just establish a Community Endowment Fund at the Valley Community Foundation, of course! So in June of 2011, a group of Derby's elected officials (the Mayor, the School Superintendent, City Treasurer, various Aldermen/Education/Tax Board members), joining with a number of other locally involved city residents, had an initial meeting to discuss what options might be available to benefit Derby citizens both now and in the future. That meeting led to further conversations, including presentations from VCF staff, about how best to provide aid for community improvements. And by March, 2012, the Derby Community Endowment Fund was established.

"Simply put, this Fund was created to make Derby an even better place to live," said the Endowment Fund's Committee Chairman Mark Nichols. Specifically, the Fund's disbursements will focus on three areas: scholarships/awards to Derby students, educational improvements the school system could not otherwise afford, and beautification/capital projects. An Endowment Fund is such a great idea, because a gift in one year can end up impacting the community every year thereafter. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

With City approval, a Committee representing a cross section of the Derby Community will be in charge of allocating annual disbursements to each of the three areas listed above. Throughout the year, the Committee will continue to raise money to support the Fund from other charitable sources and the generous giving of individuals and businesses. Thanks to the many donations already received, including those at the initial fundraising event held in May of 2012, the Fund is well on its way to reaching the $10,000 endowment threshold at which distributions to the three pillars can commence.

"This Endowment Fund should help produce a sense of pride in Derby," said Mr. Nichols. "Those who want to make a lasting gift to the community can do so through this Fund, which will positively impact our students, our schools and our entire community. It is our hope that the existence of the Derby Community Endowment Fund could even help to increase local property values going forward. Eventually, we anticipate that this Fund will become a way to advertise Derby as a community that truly cares, and that has its house in order."

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Derby Community Endowment Fund