Derby-Shelton Civil War Monument Restoration Fund

Est. 2016 as a permanent organization endowment fund for the restoration of the Civil War Monument on the Derby Green.

The history of our Valley community can be seen just about everywhere you look. Throughout the five towns there are monuments, plaques and memorials which commemorate the dedication and efforts of past residents.

"In 2011, three local Veterans Memorial sites were vandalized, and a total of four bronze plaques commemorating Valley war heroes were stolen from Ansonia, Derby and Shelton," said Jamie
Cohen, who was President of the Valley Community Foundation at the time.

Jamie pledged that those crimes would not stand and, in response, the Foundation Board created a fiduciary fund to replace all plaques stolen from the damaged memorial sites. The response from the Valley community was remarkable; contributions provided more than enough to replace all four plaques. The small residual amount from that fund is the seed that will now support Jamie's latest effort to restore the Derby-Shelton Civil War monument that has stood on the Derby Green
for the past 140 years, but has been neglected, vandalized, and is now in disrepair.

The monument's granite base was created and erected in 1877, and the bronze statue of a Civil War soldier was added in 1883. A series of bronze plaques on all four sides of the base contain the names of the 82 men of "Derby and Huntington" (as Shelton was then known) killed in action during the Civil War. The memorial is completed by cannons at each of its four corners.

Jamie explained, "The community responded once before for such a project, and I know we can do it again."

With funding from the Cities of Derby and Shelton, grants from VCF and its donors, and donations from residents and businesses, as well as historical societies and historical reenactment troops throughout the Valley and beyond, it is Jamie's hope that the restoration will be complete in 2017. Restoring this beautiful monument will honor the sacrifice of the soldiers, allowing the community to reflect on this historic treasure for the next 140 years, and beyond.

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Civil War Monument Restoration Fund