Donor Spotlight: The Future Fund

to help the earth and support interest in the environment

Derby native Arthur Bogen has spent much of his life protecting and preserving the environment.

As the President of Down to Earth Consulting, a business he founded in January 1996, Mr. Bogen works with municipalities and private developers in resolving issues with brownfield sites. He also serves part time as the Environmental Planner for the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments.

Mr. Bogen's most recent endeavor includes the creation of the CT Brownfield Land Bank in 2013. Land banks are public entities created to acquire, manage, maintain, and re-purpose vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties in a manner consistent with the community's values and needs.

The CT Brownfield Land Bank is the first in the state solely dedicated to remediating and redeveloping brownfields. The older communities in the Valley have a tremendous need for brownfield remediation and recently, the Land Bank was awarded a multi-year grant from VCF for its work in the Valley. As a result of the funding, the CT Brownfield Land Bank succeeded in establishing a dialogue with State Environmental and Economic Development staff and private developers, as well as with representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency and the CT Department of Public Health.

"The environment has not had an easy time of it," says Bogen. "We need to look beyond what we can see right now, do no harm, and make a contribution that will help others in the future."

In the fall of 2006, when Mr. Bogen approached the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) to establish a preference fund known as the Future Fund, no one was surprised that he wanted to support projects that help in the restoration and preservation of the environment. What they didn't know was that he was also interested in supporting programs to help people who suffered childhood trauma to restore their sense of self, and give them hope for a brighter future.

"I know first-hand the effect abuse can have on people, especially children," says Bogen. "Those impacted by abuse need to understand that, no matter what they've been through, they can trust in life. Hopefully, this Fund will make a difference for them and help to restore their self-esteem."

The Future Fund is able to support either or both of these personal and very different areas of interest in perpetuity. Having been very pleased with the stewardship of his Fund over the past decade, Bogen hopes to grow the Fund over time to support more causes. Like all funds at VCF, anyone can contribute to the Future Fund.

To make a tax-deductible contribution to this fund, please complete the secure, online credit card form below:

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