Eddy Conklin Scholarship Fund

Est. 2016 by Edmund Conklin, Barbara Wiedmeyer-Conklin and Ashley Nicole Conklin

Eddy Conklin

While losing a loved one is never easy, it can be especially difficult when a young adult with a promising future is taken too soon. After the tragic car accident that took the life of Eddy Conklin of Shelton, his parents and sister saw an outpouring of support from friends, neighbors and the community. Humbled by the response, Ed and Barbara Conklin, along with their daughter Ashley, began looking for a way to preserve Eddy’s legacy.

“We inquired about a scholarship fund in Eddy’s name at Shelton High School, and numerous people recommended VCF,” said Ed. “We wanted to be able to support fellow students at the high school, representing what Eddy’s life was about.”

Conklin said after speaking with VCF President and CEO, Sharon Closius, in addition to the organization’s Board members, the family decided it was a good fit for what they wanted the scholarship fund to accomplish.

“Sharon and the staff at VCF worked with us to ensure that our wishes for our son’s legacy were met,” said Barbara, explaining that Eddy’s passing was only a few short months before he was to graduate high school. “They recognized time was of the essence, since we wanted to award scholarships to graduates of Eddy’s class.”

The Conklin Family appreciated that VCF staff was understanding and compassionate during that difficult time, answering questions and making sure the fund agreement reflected all of the family’s concerns. Two scholarships will be awarded from the fund each year to help graduating SHS students with education expenses.

“One scholarship is an academic scholarship, to be awarded to a graduating senior basketball player,” said Barbara. “The other is a need-based scholarship, to be awarded to a graduating student pursuing a bioengineering field. These are what we want Eddy to be remembered for.”

Ed says while scholarships may be small at this time, the family’s ultimate goal is to grow the fund to better assist graduating SHS students.

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Eddy Conklin Scholarship Fund