William C. and Elaine N. Nimons Family Fund

Est. 2007 as a donor advised fund by William C. and Elaine N. Nimons who have ongoing involvement supporting the causes and nonprofits about which they care most.
Elaine and Bill Nimons

Ansonia is a special place for Bill and Elaine Nimons. As life-long residents, the Nimonses were both raised in Ansonia and raised their family there as well. The Valley, specifically Ansonia, has been good to them in many ways and they wanted to return the favor.

During Bill's time as a banker, through his involvement with many nonprofits, and service on Ansonia's Board of Education, he watched generous people and organizations with great intentions for the Valley come and go.

"I have belonged to many community organizations throughout the years," Bill recalls. "I saw the good being done for many in need and still saw an opportunity to make an impact."

Bill and Elaine were inspired to leave a lasting legacy of their own for the community they call home. The couple chose to create their own donor advised fund at the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) to support the things they care about, especially Ansonia's youth.

"We assist organizations that directly receive and distribute funds to help the most vulnerable," Bill says. "We wanted to give back and thought that supporting youth was the best way to make a meaningful difference," Bill said. "VCF was an excellent way to achieve our charitable goals."

The Nimonses continue to grow the Elaine N. and William C. Nimons Fund through annual contributions. They often recommend grants from the Fund to the Ansonia Public Schools, supporting a variety of school programs, such as the Ansonia High School's College Prep SAT Program.

"My children, wife, and her siblings all attended Ansonia High School and received a thorough education there," Bill says. "Years later, we still feel students receive a quality and diverse education through the Ansonia Public Schools."

Members of the Nimons Family have special appreciation for being lifelong learners and believe that education is one of the most is a critically important element of a young person's life. "One must have opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom," said Bill. "We are pleased to be able to have this Fund to help our community's youth access these opportunities."

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William C. and Elaine N. Nimons Family Fund