Ellen DuBoff Memorial Scholarship Fund

Est. in 2020 as a scholarship fund by the family and friends.

Memorializing someone special who made an impact during their life is an incredibly meaningful way to perpetuate their values.

When Ellen DuBoff passed away suddenly, both her family and the Shelton community came together to remember her fondly. Reaching beyond just memories, her friends, family, and former students alike worked with the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) to create the Ellen DuBoff Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Ellen’s cousin Hilary Black explained, “She fully believed in opening her students’ eyes. Ellen loved to travel and to help her Shelton High School (SHS) students understand the importance of how that related to history. She would often share the updates from our cousin who was studying in China with her students. Following her death, many people shared with us how Ellen encouraged them to see the world. They all said, ‘Had it not been for Ellen, we never would have made it a priority, and we are so glad we did.’”

Ellen grew up in West Hartford, attended Syracuse University, and began her career in Shelton teaching English, eventually shifting to history. She named her dog Yogi Berra because she loved both dogs and the Yankees. Yogi was adopted by Hilary’s family and the children now shower him with love. Ellen’s loyalty and generosity are reflected in her special relationships with everyone in her large, extended family and with members of her school community.

Through this fund, scholarships will be awarded to graduating SHS seniors and members of the girls' track or cross-country teams who are continuing their education. Given that Ellen coached the women’s teams, combined with her dedication to both teaching and learning, this focus served as a fitting way to remind everyone of a woman who made a positive impact on those whose lives she touched.

The idea to establish a fund in her memory came from her friends and former colleagues at SHS. The suggestion immediately resonated with Ellen’s family because of how it supports her values and that it comes from the Valley people who meant so much to her.

After speaking with VCF President and CEO Sharon Closius, and working with VCF Donor Services Associate, Beth Colette, setting up a fund in Ellen’s memory was much easier than expected. The family agreed that this was a wonderful way to memorialize Ellen for her warmth, generous personality, and passion for students.

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Ellen DuBoff Memorial Scholarship Fund