Geissler Family Scholarship Fund

Est. 2005 as a scholarship fund by Harold Geissler.

The Geissler family has always valued the importance of education—wife and mother, Margaret Geissler taught business, accounting and shorthand, and despite having a learning disability, Harold and Margaret's son, Robert, obtained a degree in accounting from the University of Bridgeport. In 1995 the family established a scholarship Fund at Shelton High School, where it was kept in a regular savings account through a local bank. It seemed like a perfectly natural thing for them to do—after all, the entire family graduated from SHS.

Once the Valley Community Foundation was established, however, Harold Geissler decided to transfer the funds into an endowment scholarship for graduating students of Shelton High School. "Our dad was a chief auditor for the IRS," said Jim Geissler. "After our mom died in 2000 we really wanted to do something more with the Fund. Our dad decided that moving it from the bank to the Foundation was the best way to manage the money. He was actively involved with the recipients up until his passing in August 2006, and was delighted to receive a "thank-you" from our ?rst scholarship winner."

Originally established as a scholarship for accounting or business students, the family has decided to broaden the criteria to include a "senior student enrolled in an accredited college, who has shown progressive effort and is not receiving any other substantial award." Recipients are selected by the Administration and Guidance departments of Shelton High School.

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Geissler Family Scholarship Fund