Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt Fund for the Seymour Oxford Food Bank

Est. 2019 by Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt

Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt

Many caring people set up funds with Valley Community Foundation in order to address a specific need in the community. Some even have the passion to establish multiple funds. In 2016, Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt started one such fund to benefit the Woodbridge Public Library. Over the past two years, this fund has been successful in supporting adult cultural and arts programs at the library, enriching the community and helping to attract more patrons.

Shortly after setting up their first fund, Harvey decided to help out at the Seymour/Oxford Food Bank (SOFB). "One of the food bank founders relocated out of state," Harvey said. "She was friends with Gerry, and I volunteered to take her place and help keep her work going. I was impressed with their operations and saw first-hand how important the food bank was to its clients."

As Harvey continued to work at the food bank, he and Gerry remembered the positive experience they had with VCF and decided to set up another fund. This time, their generosity will support the SOFB to ensure its sustainability well into the future. "Both the process and results of creating a fund were great the first time we worked with VCF. We were more than happy to go through it once again to help another worthy nonprofit organization," said Harvey.

The Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt Fund for the Seymour Oxford Food Bank will provide an annual distribution to help purchase nutritionally rich foods and keep the shelves of the food bank stocked on a steady basis, both in the short and long term. "We are pleased to be able to contribute this support, and to help to SOFB address issues of hunger and other human needs in Seymour and Oxford."

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Harvey and Gerry Eckhardt Fund for the Seymour Oxford Food Bank