Health Initiative for Men (HiM) Fund

Est. 2011 as a designated fund by Judy C. and Francis H. Michaud Jr.

Every June through 2019, Frank Michaud delivered thousands of Father's Day cards. The cards came with a special message to fathers in the Valley - take care of yourself. Though Frank passed away in July 2019, his legacy lives on through the fund he helped establish with his wife Judy.

Since men are usually less likely than women to seek medical attention, and since most major health risks that men face are preventable, Frank and Judy Michaud wanted a way to educate men and inspire them to do more for their health.

"Someone told me that there were more cases of men with prostate cancer in the Valley than there were of women with breast cancer," said Frank. "So I said, 'What's being done about that?'"

The Michauds sat down with a group of physicians and staff at Griffin Hospital and, in 2011 created the Health Initiative for Men (HiM). Frank and Judy also established the Health Initiative for Men (HiM) Fund at the Valley Community Foundation to support the activities and programs of the Initiative.

The Father's Day cards are the first step to educating men about their health. The cards are delivered to schools in Ansonia, Derby, Oxford, Seymour and Shelton, and students can bring them home to their fathers or guardians. They include a "Tune Up" checklist for Dad to bring with him next time he visits his doctor. Prostate screening, colonoscopy, blood pressure and cholesterol test - those are just a few items on the checklist.

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Health Initiative for Men (HiM) Fund