Herb Rollinson Fund

Est. 2008 as a preference fund by Linda Rollinson Vincent in memory of her father to aid Valley youth to attend summer camp.

When Herb Rollinson was growing up during the Great Depression, times for his family, as for most others in the Valley, were not easy. One of the bright spots he had was attending the Boy Scouts' summer camp on the Housatonic - funded by a scholarship donated by a local service organization. Having that opportunity made a lasting impression on Herb, and started him on a lifelong path of assisting others, especially children and youth.

That's why after his passing in the spring of 2008, his family chose to honor him by establishing the Herb Rollinson Fund at VCF, a Donor Advised Fund, established to give young people opportunities that they might not otherwise have had, including a chance to attend a summer camp, as Herb did.

"My Dad was involved from a very young age with the local Boy Scouts, and later on with the Derby-Shelton Boys Club. Everything he did - work, family events - revolved around Shelton and the Valley. It made sense to keep the Fund local and, to provide help where the Valley's needs are greatest," said Herb's daughter, Linda Vincent. "Had he been more mobile during the last year of his life, it was something he would have done himself. We were only honoring his intentions."

Herb's dear friend and VCF Board Member Dave Grant helped the family establish the Fund.

"Dave has been terrific," said Linda. "Not only did he work with us to create the Fund, but he also started the annual Herb Rollinson Memorial Walk, which helps to support the Valley Boys and Girls Club. It's been a win-win for all involved."

Herb Rollinson was an admired and well respected member of the Valley community. "When my dad passed away at the age of 93, he was still living on the street where he was born!" said Linda. "Not many people can say that these days. His loyalty and pride in his hometown was amazing. When he made a commitment to you he always kept it. He would call me at the exact time every week - Sundays at 9:30. He did the same with my daughter when she started college. You could set your clock by my Dad's phone calls!"

Herb's granddaughter, Danielle Sidebottom, had this to add about her grandfather. "Since I was a girl, my Grandpa told me wonderful stories of his life in Shelton - from living through the Great Depression, his gardening, and then, in his later years, about all of his friends that would stop and say 'Hello' as he sat outside on a bright sunny day. This Fund will bring my Grandpa's stories to life to benefit the area he loved. And for that, I am grateful."

Herb Rollinson's timeless devotion to his family, his beloved Valley, and its young people will continue to live on through the good works that will now be done by the Herb Rollinson Fund at the Valley Community Foundation.

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