Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Ansonia Fund

Est. 2009 as an unrestricted fund by the Hellenic Orthordox Church Society, Inc. for general charitable purposes.

For many Greek immigrants who settled in the Valley in the early years of the 20th century, the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Ansonia was more than just a place of worship. It also served as the social and religious center of the Valley's Greek community. It was where families shared their faith, their recollections and homeland's traditions, their sadness, and their joys. More than anything, it was an extension of their homes - cherished dearly by those who worshiped there during the past ninety years.

Parishioners clearly remember the privilege of ringing the church's bell on special occasions. Others smile fondly when talking about a wedding they attended or the baptism of a newborn at the Hubbell Avenue building. The church was a focal point for Valley leaders, business owners, teachers and residents, who worked together to make it a continuing success throughout the years.

In 2009, however, due to a steady decline in the congregation's members, Holy Trinity closed its doors for good, and was absorbed into St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange. But, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. And so the parishioners of Holy Trinity reached out to the Valley Community Foundation to show their thanks by establishing the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Ansonia Fund with VCF. The Fund will provide grants for general charitable purposes, with a preference for projects which advance the ancient Hellenic ideals of compassion, charity, love ("agape") and philanthropy ("philathropia") toward all humanity.

"We were truly blessed to have lived in a community that was so accepting of us and our beliefs," said former Parish Council President Jerry Vartelas. "The Valley has always been there for us, offering support and kindness to all of us who called it home. We can think of no better way to show our appreciation than to establish this Fund with VCF to help others in need."

VCF Board Member at the time, Ansonia Attorney Greg Stamos, who grew up as a member of Holy Trinity, had this to add: "This is our way of giving back," said Mr. Stamos. "Holy Trinity wanted the Foundation to continue to do the good work the parish had been doing as a congregation - to help Valley families who might be going through a difficult time. It wanted to keep a portion of its funds local - and VCF provided the opportunity to do just that. All of our parishioners are grateful to have been in Ansonia for all of this time, and we look forward to helping to make a difference in the Valley in the years to come."

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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Ansonia Fund