John Sabulis Memorial Fund

Est. 2012 as a scholarship fund by John P. Sabulis in memory of John A. Sabulis.

John A. Sabulis was truly a "people" person. Nicknamed Ansonia's "Hilltop Mayor," John was a major force in helping to bring about much needed improvement for his City, going from door to door to learn what residents needed. John served his community as President of the Board of Aldermen, Alderman for the 3rd Ward, President of the Board of Police Commissioners for 18 years, and Supernumerary Policeman for the Ansonia Police Department for 20 years. He was committed to making Ansonia a better place, simply because it was "the right thing to do."

When John passed away in 2008, his sons John and Stephen established a scholarship in his honor at Ansonia High School. Son John worked at AHS for 35 years before retiring in 2009. However it became clear that having this scholarship remain at the high school earning a small amount of interest was not what the Sabulis family had in mind. So in the spring of 2012, John began to seek out additional options for the scholarship and contacted VCF to learn more about what could be accomplished. "Given VCF's track record of solid investment performance and its strong regard within the community, we decided that this was exactly the fit we were looking for," said John Sabulis. "Because VCF is in the Valley - it's local - they understood our needs, and it just made sense to work with them."

The John Sabulis Scholarship Fund will support education in Ansonia, and help provide opportunities for students to pursue law enforcement education in institutions of higher learning. "Our Dad taught us to make a difference in this world," said John. "He was a major proponent of the "man on the beat" - always advocating for the patrolmen who were helping to keep our community safe. This Fund will provide support for students interested in any aspect of law enforcement - from forensic science to studying law itself. We really want to keep as broad a range as possible in order to help as many students as we can."

John A. Sabulis took pride in his Lithuanian heritage and, although he had opportunities to move out of Ansonia, stayed because his family and friends were here. "Family was important to our Dad," said John. "He always made time for us, but he found the time to help others, too. That's why we're so glad we have the opportunity to build this Fund, to keep replenishing it, to keep it growing. Our Dad was a World War II veteran, who believed that everyone should give to and become involved with their community. This is our way of remembering him - his life, his personal and professional achievements, and all he did for his beloved Ansonia - forever." Stephen Sabulis summed up the sons' goals for the Fund: "We hope the students who benefit from this Fund will share our father's belief that being entrusted by the community with law enforcement is a great honor, privilege and responsibility as they become role models for all whom they will serve."

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John Sabulis Memorial Scholarship Fund