Marc J. Garofalo Cultural Experience Fund

Est. 2017 by Marc. J Garofalo.
Marc Garofalo

When you fill your life with experiences instead of things, you gain stories to tell rather than possessions to show. This is why Marc Garofalo established the Marc J. Garofalo Cultural Experience Fund at the Valley Community Foundation (VCF).

"Many funds at VCF support worthwhile organizations or make scholarship funding available for students," Marc said. "I wanted to do something a little different and give youth in the Valley the opportunity to have cultural experiences they would otherwise not be able to afford."

Thirty years ago, Marc traveled to Italy for the first time with his family to see relatives he had never met. The opportunity to visit a foreign country and immerse himself in the culture was life changing. Since that first trip, Marc also helped establish the Derby Sister City Fund at VCF which supports exchange visits between Derby and its Sister City, Puglianello, Italy.

Well over 100 friends and family members joined Marc in making a donation to this Fund in celebration of his 50th birthday, which featured a fun evening of performances and storytelling.

"I never knew how much impact one trip earlier in my life could have on me all through adulthood," Marc said. "It just goes to show how powerful a cultural experience can be and how it can change the way someone views the world."

Marc hopes to work with Valley schools and youth organizations to evaluate opportunities that this fund can support.

"This is a great way to enrich the Valley and keep money local while we try to broaden the horizons and create life-changing experiences for the youth in our community," Marc added.

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Marc J. Garofalo Cultural Experience Fund