Margaret Ann Kofarago Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Est. in 2021 as a scholarship fund by her husband, Fred, and two daughters, Alyse and Jodi.

Margaret Ann Kofarago Thomas spent her life helping and healing others. She graduated from the Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing in 1972 and went on to work at Bridgeport and Griffin Hospitals until her lifelong battle with Lupus forced her to change careers.

When Margaret passed away in 2020, her husband, Fred and daughters, Alyse and Jodi, established the Margaret Ann Kofarago Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor her memory and legacy of giving back and helping others.

Alyse remembers her mother “Marge” as a strong advocate for good health.

“She would answer questions when friends called, making sure they reported symptoms to their doctors. At work, she was always there for her patients.”

Even after Marge retired from her nursing career, she decided to continue serving others by working at Bishop Wicke Health Center. The family wants to honor Marge’s passionate dedication to her work, by awarding scholarships to Shelton High School seniors pursuing careers in nursing.

They also picked Shelton High because nearly everyone in Marge’s family either graduated from the school or has strong ties to the city. Fred and his daughters included Marge’s maiden name in the scholarship because the Kofarago family – like the Thomas family – has old roots in Shelton.

Marge’s family is well known, and because of Marge’s outgoing nature and love of people, Fred and his daughters hope the Kofarago name will bring back fond memories to her Valley neighbors.

Jodi said she is so grateful to the family friend who suggested creating a scholarship fund to honor her mom.

“It’s a great way to keep my mother’s memory alive,” Jodi said. “She loved family, butterflies, sunflowers, and being a nurse. She was very good at what she did. Now through this fund we can help someone who also wants to help others like she did.”

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Margaret Ann Kofarago Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund