Massaro Farm Legacy Fund

Est. 2018 by Massaro Community Farm, Inc.

Massaro Community Farm

The Massaro Family ran a dairy farm on 108 acres that originally spanned both Woodbridge and Ansonia for almost a century. Facing similar challenges as many small, family farms in Connecticut, the last surviving member of the family came to an agreement with the Town of Woodbridge in 1994 to preserve the remaining 57 acres under a conservation easement, protecting the acreage from commercial development. Minor agricultural efforts, such as haying, continued to take advantage of the rich soil, but the once active farm remained underutilized until 2008.

It was then that Woodbridge residents decided to breathe new life into the site and share the space with the community in a new and exciting way. These residents formed the nonprofit, Massaro Community Farm, basing it on a community-supported agricultural model with a diverse appeal to a broad audience. The purpose was to establish a vegetable farm that feeds people and nourishes the land. In addition to dozens of types of produce, flowers and honey, Massaro Community Farm has grown jobs and a new sense of community as the farm has gained popularity in Woodbridge and throughout the Greater New Haven and Valley communities.

The creation of the Massaro Farm Legacy Fund marks a new milestone in the farm's history. Caty Poole, Executive Director, explained, "As we approached the 10-year anniversary of the farm, we began to think of ourselves less as a startup and more as a permanent, ongoing resource for the community."

The choice to establish this organization endowed fund with the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) was simple. "A year earlier, we established a cash reserve fund," Caty said. "Because we know how important it is to be able to weather ups and downs for a farm-based business. But the establishing of a permanent fund - thanks to Paul and Judy DeCoster - that donors can contribute to will ensure that Massaro Community Farm can serve generations to come. It made sense to us to partner with VCF, a local community organization with access to the investment expertise we were looking for."

She added, "Our board, staff, and volunteers are passionate about preserving the farm. We all share the goal of having a place where families can bring their children, and children's children, to learn and make memories. The farm anchors the community in a way that can't be replaced. We hope this Legacy Fund can help further Massaro's mission, making it possible generations to visit us now and for years to come."

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