Naugatuck Valley Community Health Improvement Plan

identifying key health priorities for 2019-2021 as behavioral health, heart health and maternal and infant health

Roadmap for Improved Health Results

The 2019-2021 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for the Naugatuck Valley communities is part of a regional initiative that supports regulatory and accreditation requirements of both Griffin Hospital and Naugatuck Valley Health District. The overall goal of this Community Health Improvement Plan is to address chronic conditions that affect the health of our community. The CHIP outlines key objectives and strategies that address determinants of health and improve health equity.

This report is the result of the consistent dedication of numerous Valley partnerships, working together in a collaborative planning process. More than 75 stakeholders reviewed the top concerning public health issues identified in the 2019 Valley Community Index, resulting in identification of the following key health priorities for the Valley.

  • Behavioral Health
  • Heart Health
  • Maternal and Infant Health

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