Ortoli Family Fund

Established in 2019 as an unrestricted fund by brothers, Fred and David Ortoli.

The Ortoli family has been a part of the Valley for more than a century. After decades of wide-ranging community involvement, Fred and Josephine Ortoli passed along similar values to their children Fred, Dave, and Ron. Now adults, themselves, the Ortoli brothers established the Ortoli Family Fund so the family can support their beloved community for another century and beyond.

“Our dad was involved with the Ansonia Housing Authority and our church. Mom volunteered with the American Red Cross for more than 50 years,” Fred explained. “Our family schedule was always coordinated around blood drives because of the importance our mother placed on these events. We were raised with the idea that if we had the ability to help someone, we should take action,” he said.

“Dad was on the Red Cross emergency response team and would go to a crisis to do what he could for victims and first responders,” Dave added. “Our mother was also active with the Ladies Guild and would work on the annual festival at Holy Rosary Parish. They were always extremely involved with the community. We started this fund to honor them both so that we could continue the legacy that they started.”

“Our parents always knew that while they wanted to positively impact the future, no one can see into it,” said Fred. “Nobody could have foreseen everything that happened during 2020. Hopefully, the coming years will be different but it just shows how the needs of the community can rapidly change. That is why we decided to set up an unrestricted fund in which the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) Board and Staff could decide where the money would be best deployed.” Dave commented, “While I now live in Wallingford, I still have a strong appreciation for the Valley. Our brother Ron lives in Arizona and is also very supportive of this fund and what we want to do for the community in memory of our parents.”

As a photographer, Fred has offered his talents to VCF and many other nonprofit organizations serving the Valley. “I am very familiar with the work VCF has done and always found those involved to be fantastic people. That is why I ultimately decided to serve on the Board of Directors. VCF has the flexibility and permanence that we were looking for, which made this a perfect fit for what we want to accomplish through this fund.”

Dave agreed, “VCF supports so many efforts, which is reminiscent of all that our parents had always done for the Valley. Our hope is that we can also support the good work taking place in the region now and long after we’re gone.”

Friends and family wishing to make a donation in memory of Fred's wife Lynn, who passed in January 2020, are gratefully accepted. Mrs. Ortoli grew up in Ansonia and worked for the former CT National Bank, Farrel Corporation, as well as IBM. and the Valley United Way. Learn more about her life.

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Ortoli Family Fund