Oxford Land Trust Fund

Est. 2019 as a revocable organization fund by a transfer of assets to benefit the Oxford Land Trust.

Oxford Land Trust Contributed

While some funds are established to honor the past, the Oxford Land Trust Fund was set up to plan for the future.

Margaret (Margy) Elliott, President and Corporate Secretary for the Oxford Land Trust, explained that the Board of Directors became familiar with the work of Valley Community Foundation (VCF) through Attorney Fred Stanek. Fred was instrumental in guiding the legal formation of the land trust in 1988 and continues to support the land trust's mission by the donation of his time and legal expertise.

"Fred encouraged us to apply for grants, which we received and used to fund activities such as our 5K Run/Walk at Rockhouse Hill Sanctuary," Margy said. "Revenue resulting from these VCF-supported, fund-raising events strengthened the land trust's ability to continue offering important annual programs. Specifically, a program like our almost 20-year tradition of the Second-grade Hike that introduces young children, along with their parents and grandparents, to nature and the work of the land trust."

The Oxford Land Trust, however, needed a long-term approach to ensure its sustainability and cover expenses such as the insurance necessary to keep approximately 200 acres of open space available to the public for passive recreation. "We knew we needed to do something dramatically different. Because of Fred's introduction to VCF and our grant experience with VCF, we were impressed with VCF's work with nonprofit organizations and its focus on assisting the Valley community; as a result, we looked no further when deciding where to invest our fund," said Margy.

Margy credits VCF President and CEO, Sharon Closius, with a conscientious approach. "Sharon made herself readily available and, when not all of our board members were able to attend the first meeting, she returned to ensure everyone on the board had the information we needed. She took the time to answer all of our questions and I'd say the process could not have gone any better."

Our hope is that others who share in the mission of the Land Trust will consider joining in our efforts. People may not have the land to donate, but they may be able to contribute so that people who live in and visit the Town of Oxford will be able to enjoy clean air and water as they reconnect with nature, and that the Oxford Land Trust will be able to pursue its goals of finding, preserving, and maintaining parcels as open space, in perpetuity, both now and in the future.

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