Parent Child Resource Center Endowment Fund

Est. 2010 by a transfer of assets to support the Parent Child Resource Center.

There are times when amazing things can come out of great tragedy. Indeed, that was exactly the case with the creation of the Parent Child Resource Center (PCRC) Endowment Fund at the Valley Community Foundation.

Shortly after the passing of her husband Jim, Laura Mutrie, PCRC's Clinical Director, received the proceeds from Jim's life insurance policies. This provided her with a unique opportunity to support PCRC in an even more significant way than she had in the past. Laura approached her colleagues, Executive Director Michael Wynne and Development Director Maureen Peters, with her intention to provide $10,000 from the insurance proceeds to start an Endowment Fund for PCRC.

The three met with VCF's President at the time, Jamie Cohen, to discuss how it could be established, and the next steps needed to be taken. Laura requested that the Fund Agreement include provisions for several specific purposes, with remaining distributions to go as directed by the PCRC Board.

"This is not about me or my husband," Laura said. "It is about the long term health of this Agency. I wanted to set aside funds for a meaningful staff recognition Humanitarian Award, which will be nominated by and voted on by staff. It was also important for me to make sure that there would be income designated to replenish toys and therapeutic games for our young clients, and for worthwhile staff development programs. After that, it's for the Board and Michael to decide what's best to do for PCRC."

Mike Wynne acknowledged the sense of pride he had in what Laura had accomplished. "Having an Endowment is no longer just a dream somewhere on the horizon," he said. "This was in our development plan - but certainly not within the first year. To have this Fund created now is truly amazing, and provides us with a solid basis to attract additional support in the coming years."

Maureen Peters agreed. "This was such a selfless and special thing for Laura to do,"Maureen said. "Income from the Fund will support some of things that are the hardest for us to do - things that the agency needs, yet is challenged to find support for. What is truly great is that Laura has done it, an Endowment has been created, and now we can concentrate on growing the Fund over time. It's truly a win-win for all involved."

All three agreed about why VCF was selected to hold the endowment.

"In a short period of time, VCF has emerged as a place of trust and involvement in this community," said Michael. "We know their Board so well - there are such strong roots with all of them here in the Valley. They are truly committed to making this community a better place."

Maureen concurred. "We could never get this same level of return on our investment," she said.

"Their experts are amazing." Laura agreed. "My husband Jim was my biggest ally, and he would have supported the creation of this Endowment wholeheartedly. We are so lucky to have VCF in the Valley, to ensure that this Endowment will grow and be put to good to use at PCRC."

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Parent Child Resource Center Endowment Fund