Paul and Gloria Konwerski Family Fund

The fund established by Paul and Gloria Konwerski’s children (Paul, Peter, Julie, and Amy) is keeping their parents’ memory alive. It also keeps the Konwerski siblings connected in a meaningful way.

Members of the Konwerski family

The fund established by Paul and Gloria Konwerski’s children – Paul Konwerski Jr., Peter Konwerski, Julie Konwerski Mauri, and Amy Konwerski – is keeping their parents’ memory alive. The fund not only fulfills their wishes but has proven to be a way to foster Paul and Gloria’s fondest hope – that the family would continue to remain connected in a meaningful way long after they were gone.

While Paul and Gloria’s children are now grown and each live outside the Valley, they felt strongly that the fund should benefit the area where their parents lived, worked, and started their family. Paul taught Social Studies at Shelton High School for 37 years. Gloria taught English, Latin, and Journalism at Naugatuck High School for more than 20 years.

“It’s special to make a connection with a student every year who is graduating from where our Dad worked,” Paul said. “It’s another link to him and makes me look back and realize the impact we’re creating. Our parents are still a big part of our life because we are able to use this fund to help others.”

In creating a donor advised fund, the Konwerski family has the flexibility to recommend grants from the fund to qualified charitable organizations of their choice. In addition to supporting a scholarship, they have come to rely on VCF to identify community needs and present opportunities for the fund to support.

“The staff at VCF gives us ideas and, as a family, we talk about what our parents would have wanted to support,” Julie said. “For our most recent grant, and given the circumstances of the pandemic, we decided to support the Valley Community COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund so we can help at a local level.”

She also fondly recalled a thank you note she recently received from a graduating student who benefited from a scholarship. Julie is hopeful that the next generation of her family and the ones that follow will continue to be involved.

The siblings all feel strongly about the lasting impact the fund will have. “We realize we’re only making small gifts to support a community that’s close to our heart,” Peter noted. “But it’s very rewarding as a family to see the power of that philanthropy in the lives of Valley residents and through the schools and community organizations we’ve been fortunate to assist.”

“We’re amazed that we have been able to do this for more than 12 years,” Amy added. “It’s easier than many people think to start a fund at VCF. The return on investment hasn’t just been about the fund growing over time, but rather how great it feels to help others and be involved in the Valley. It’s wonderful to think of this as continuing our parents’ legacy.”

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Paul & Gloria Konwerski Family Fund