Peter S. Goumas Presidential Scholarship Fund

Est. 2019 as a scholarship fund by brothers, Mark, Gregg, and Douglas, in memory of their brother, Peter, to benefit the senior class president of Ansonia High School.

Peter Goumas

The Goumas family originally established the Peter S. Goumas Presidential Scholarship award in the early 1970's, after Peter, the oldest of six children and a member of the Ansonia Class of 1969, passed away. His father, Peter Goumas contributed $100 every year to the award in order to support the president of the graduating class at Ansonia High School.

In 2019, Peter's three brothers formally recognized the opportunities that the six Goumas children had received as members of the Ansonia community and as students of the high school in particular. They acted to ensure the scholarship award started by their father would be endowed in perpetuity.

Peter's brother, Mark Goumas, said, "My father went to Ansonia High School and Peter led the way for us. All of us were like him - athletes and involved in school activities. We thought it was important to continue what my father had started, to serve the school that served us so well and to also remember Peter."

He became aware of the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) and its ability to manage funds when the school asked the Foundation to manage Peter's original scholarship award. "VCF's Donor Services Associate, Beth Colette, suggested a way my brothers and I could enhance what my father had started and create an endowed scholarship fund."

Mark and the family liked how VCF represents the Valley community, as well as what he called a seamless setup process. "I could use payroll deductions to contribute and direct those funds right into the scholarship fund. I have done payroll deductions for decades but now with a different purpose."

The paperwork to set up the fund with his brothers Dr. Douglas Goumas and Attorney Gregg Goumas was almost effortless. "I'm the only sibling who remains in the area so it was gratifying when we signed the agreement when we were all together, at the rehearsal dinner for my daughter's wedding. It was that easy," said Mark.

"Our father owned a grocery store in the north end of Ansonia and people remember him and our mother for what they did for the community. The Valley culture is very industrious and hard working. Although this Fund is named specifically for Peter, it reflects what the brothers and their remaining sister, Christine Seymour, learned from their parents. As a family we are glad to give back with sincere gratitude for what we've received from our community."

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Peter S. Goumas Presidential Scholarship Fund