Rachel and William Brogadir Scholarship Fund

Est. 2015 as a scholarship fund.

Brogadir Brothers
Stuart, Richard and Robert Brogadir

Sometimes humble beginnings can lead to extraordinary action. Rachel and William Brogadir moved from Brooklyn, NY to Ansonia nearly 70 years ago. It was there that they opened a grocery store and raised a family. Rachel made their house a home, loved art and always seemed to have classical music playing softly in the background.

"Education was our parents' number one priority for us," said Dick Brogadir, one of their three sons. "From the time we attended Larkin School, Ansonia High School and went to college, they supported our interests in pursuing higher education."

The family started a scholarship fund at Ansonia High School after Rachel passed away in 1997 to benefit graduating students pursuing her passions of art and music. Upon William's passing in 2014, he left a bequest in his will that included a portion of his estate to support the scholarship.

"I spoke with my jogging partner, Greg Stamos, VCF's former Board Chair, about creating an endowed scholarship fund so it could be awarded in perpetuity," Dick said. "The scholarship money was previously earning very little interest, so this was a great opportunity to support the graduating seniors of Ansonia High School forever."

After speaking with Sharon Closius, VCF President and CEO, Dick and both of his brothers contributed to establish an endowed scholarship fund in their parents' name.

"Our parents supported us in pursuing education to achieve stable careers. This is our way to honor what they did for us and give back to Ansonia High School by supporting graduating students for years to come,"Dick said. "It was very simple to set up this Fund. We hope the scholarship recipients will be successful in their respective fields of art or music so they can have a similar feeling of accomplishment through education as we did."

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Rachel and William Brogadir Scholarship Fund